Automate the UI Testing of your chrome extension

UI testing the chrome extension (or any extension for that matter) is tricky as it has its own workflow and environment to run. This post will walk you through the process of automating those test using Puppeteer, an API library to control Chrome.

Testing 'install' and 'update' flows in chrome extensions

Testing the extension update and initial install flow could be tricky. This post will walk you through few steps to test all such flows during development stage itself.

NIL pattern (#perfmatters)

Setting up a auto-updater would be something significant in many case and this post is all about setting up a auto updater successfully!

How we cut down our ember build time?

Tricks we incorporate to reduce our build time to almost half

Why the hell I need a test-case?

The path from 'why the hell I need a test-case?' to 'you test-case, I love you ❤'