25 Jul 2021

I'm back on track and you should too!

Hello again 👋

Hope you are doing safe and healthy. This pandemic has sure made a huge not-so-good effect on all of us. Let’s hope that fades away 🙏

Now, to the matter! It has been more than two years since I blogged on this site. That’s the longest break I have ever taken since I started writing. Besides that, my time on pet projects was also reduced considerably. I always had some excuse to skip writing, like, I don’t have time, there is a deadline coming up, I don’t have any ideas to share, the idea I’m having is not worth sharing, so on among others. Honestly, I prioritize other things over writing (Maybe, I’m lazy! 😅)

We don't have the time
Image from From giphy.com

When I look back on my two years of “not writing” I can see that there was sufficient space for more innovation on my path as writing was one of the major drives that pushes me to innovate and upgrade myself. Also, writing helped me to refine my ideas a lot in the past, clears my mind, and improves my concentration. I’m missing that “me” time!

Now, I understand that this is the apt time to resume my blogging habit. I’m gonna set a realistic interval to publish a blog - which I have to decide soon! I’ll keep this space updated on the same. If you are also like me, halted your blogging habit, perhaps you can resume too at the earliest. The longest the break, the hardest it will be to resume back! (from my experience 😉)

See you all in my next blog 👋