Gokul Kathirvel

Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase

gokatz.eth. A fellow human 🤗 love building things over web 💕 Doing React Coinbase. Passionate about Web performance and Ember. Prev: Zoho
Oct 2019

User Agent Parser Browser Extension

Minimal User agent parser browser extension. Know the browser details right away just by selecting the user agent string.
Aug 2017


Manage and control multiple YouTube, SoundCloud, JioSaavn and Gaana tabs with ease! (more music services on its way...)
Mar 2017

Baby Chrome

Tired of copy pasting the common files for your chrome extension? Get your scaffolded chrome extension project by Baby-Chrome. No more copy-paste!
Dec 2016


My first, my own twitter bot for retweets! Creating a twitter bot is never going to be easier. Just clone my skeleton. Feed your query, whatever it may be... cat, react, space! and deploy to kick your bot to production