Gokul Kathirvel

Senior Software Engineer at Coinbase

gokatz.eth. A fellow human 🤗 love building things over web 💕 Doing React Coinbase. Passionate about Web performance and Ember. Prev: Zoho
Chenani Web Meetup Nov 2019

A Gentle into to SPA Router

A brief introduction of how routing is done in single page applications (SPA) and how to build a minimal SPA router from scratch.
Chenani Web Meetup Sep 2019

Writing Modern apps with Ember Octane

A gentle intro to the new Edition of Ember.js along with a small demo about how to write a component in Ember Octane
Ember Chennai Meetup Aug 2019

Octane - Why and How?

A gentle intro to the new Edition of Ember.js, Octane and step by step guide to migrate a classic component to Octane powered component.
Awesome Conf 2019 May 2019

Ember and Vue - How they share values?

A talk on how Ember and Vue utilize the native features and share concepts and even syntaxes along with a demo of how simple to jump between them without much friction by building a counter component. Awesome conf was really a great start for me to be a speaker being a mediocre introvert.